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Predator / Varmint Hunt

Coyotes - Fox - Bobcat - Feral Hog - Raccoon - Prairie Dog


We conduct Feral hog hunts during the cold months of winter
through mid-spring as hags are far more active and they will visit
a feeder or bait site several times during the day and night. In addition, Coyotes, Foxes, Bobcats, Raccoons and Prairie Dogs can
all be hunted in a variety of conditions and locations.

 You will hunt from hard or soft blinds overlooking feeders or you can brush up and catch your quarry by surprise. You will hunt locations of Dense Wooded Cover, Food Plots, Creek Beds and or in association with culivated fields of wheat or corn fields. So, bring your FoxPro call or chatter box and lets go hunting.

 2 Days / 2 Nights 
Lodging 2020
17 & up
Inc 450.00
 16 & under
Inc 150.00
12 and under Inc FREE


Predator / Varmint Hunt Package:

2 Days / 2 Nights Including Guest House Lodging.

No Bag Limits


A Two Paid Hunter Minimum with a 50% deposit is required to book and schedule 
a Hunt. The remaining balance is then payable upon arrival.

An Adult Hunt Package is Required to book any Teen or Youth Hunt.

Age 17 and under must be accompanied by a Paid Licensed Adult Hunter
with a valid Texas Hunting License.


Hunt Schedule:

Hog Hunts are ( Semi Guided )

Day 1 - Arrival at 12-Noon and Hunt until Sunset.
Day 2 - Hunt Sunrise untill Sunset.
Day 3 - Hunt from Sunrise with 
Departure at 12:00-Noon.

You will be physically escorted into the hunting area's and
each feeder sight and blind location.

Guest House

Our Guest House accommodations are provided for hunting parties

that consist of 2 or more hunters and guests. The Guest House will
comfortably Seat and Sleep up to 8 people with 4 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, Living Room, Dinning Room, Flat Screen Dish TV and a Fully Equipped Kitchen so you can prepare your own snacks and meals.



Before You Book

Please submit a Hunt Date Request to verify the availability
of your desired hunt dates.

Verified hunt dates will be held for 5 calendar days pending
of registration and deposit.

A deposit equal to 50% of the total / combined package cost is required to reserve and book your hunt dates. You may remit your deposit, free of charge with the use of a personal account or credit card through ( Paypal ) or you can send it to us via the U.S. Mail if there is enough time between your registration and booking dates.

Email Confirmation will be supplied 
upon receipt of booking and or payments.

There is no charge for your use of Paypal

Additional information is available for review
clicking on " Payment Terms " in the side bar.



One method of hunting hogs is to team up and spot and stalk during
hours of day light from atop high ground advantage points or to take
refuge in a hardened blind structure overlooking feeders and bait stations. 
Hogs often cluster and travel together just before first light
and just after sunset. This gives us a tactical advantage and allows a
hunter to get up on and harvest these bad boys from the safety and
security of a hard blinds and elevated structures.

“ Hunts for wild hogs can be dangerous and must be 
with extreme caution ”.

The time of day and weather conditions dictate wild hog behavior.
Even though wild hogs are somwhat nocturnal, their night vision is not
very good. Thus, wild hogs begin their movements to and from their
feeding and bedding  areas at first and last light. Hogs are far more
active in the winter months and will make repeated trips to feeder and bait sight through out the day and night.

We will do our best to get you on target but our hog hunts are
not guaranteed because wild hogs can often be allusive and somewhat unpredictable especially during inclement weather condition.

Choose your booking dates with as much insight as possible. If weather conditions prevent hunting on the day of your scheduled hunt, we will do our best to target and reschedule your hunt for a more favorable and available date.



A Standard Resident Hunting License or, a
Non Resident 5 day special  hunting license is required.

( License Type 157 ): $48  Legal for any period of 5 consecutive days. Valid hunting dates will be printed on the license when issued). Valid to hunt:
Exotic animals, all legal game birds (except turkeys), all non-game animals, squirrel, javelina and alligator.
(not valid for other regulated game
animals or deer ).

Come Join a Challanging and Exciting Hunt.