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How long will you hold / reserve Hunt Dates ?
After receipt of a Hunt Date Request, we will hold your hunt dates for 5 calendar days pending receipt of your registration / booking order. Upon receipt of a booking order we will hold / reserve your hunt dates for 7 Calendar Days pending receipt of deposit or payment. Once a deposit or payment has been received, your selected package and hunt dates are booked and secured to our booking calendar. 

Is a deposit required to book a hunt ?
Yes, a deposit equal to 50% of the individual and or combined hunt package cost is required at the time of booking online or with in 7 calendar days if booking by mail. The remaining balance is then
due on or before Oct 1st. Bookings made after Oct 1st require payment in full for all hunt package cost at time of registration / booking.

If I begin my Hunt with a bow, may I upgrade at any time during my hunt to a Rifle ?
Yes, during the general hunting season, you may set aside your bow and resume hunting with a rifle. 

Do you have hunting areas strictly for Bow Hunters ?
Yes, we have a variety of locations set up specifically for bow hunters.

Do you have an on site shoot range ?
Yes. We have a 500 yard shooting range. Each rifle hunting client is requested to site and range fire their weapon before they are permitted into the field to hunt.

Do you have any on site accommodations available for RV / Travel Trailers ?
RV 30 / 50 amp services are available just a few blocks from our guest house in Allsion, Texas and
are also available in near by Wheeler, Texas.

If I harvest all my deer early in the hunt, is my hunt over ?
Technically yes, but if we can support your request we will allow you to varmint hunt the remainder of your reserved dates for such animals as, coyotes, rabbits, bobcats, pigs or the occasional mountain
lion Trophy Buck glassing and photographing is also quite popular.

What constitutes a harvest or kill ?
Any animal that is shot via bow or rifle that is down, injured, wonded, limp or lame and or any animal that eludes, escapes or is not found and leaves behind any trace of blood, bone, hair or tissue will be deemed as a harvest and a kill. On a combination buck / doe hunting package this will be deemed as a Buck Kill.

How many hunters can you accommodate at one time ?
We have multiple hunting locations and rotate our hunting area's to limit and balance the hunting pressure in the environment. This also gives us the option and ability to make sudden changes in strategy during the hunt. During deer season, we can book an individual hunter and typically book
up to 8 Adult and or Youth hunters in a group.

What is the minimum age for a hunter ?
We consider hunters 13 to 17 years of age as teens and hunters 12 years and under as youth. All Teen and Youth hunters must be accompanied by a booked and licensed adult hunter.

May I bring a non-hunting guest ?
Yes. The number of non-hunting guest must be determined before a booking order is submitted for the purpose of either Guest House or Hotel accommodation arrangements. There is a minimal charge for each non-hunting guest above the age of 12 which, is displayed in the registration / check out. Non-Hunting guest's will not be permitted into any hunting area with out explicate and direct permission.

What caliber rifle is best for hunting big whitetail deer in north Texas ?
Any caliber larger then a .243 is adequate. 7mm, 260, 270, 280, 300, 308. 30/06 and other .30 caliber weapons with bullet weights of 125 to 180 grains tend to be the best choices. Weapons of smaller caliber such as; .22 / .25 caliber type weaons will not be permitted into the hunting area's during deer season.  The average rifle shot can range as close as 50 yards or can reach out to 300 to 500 yards if so desired.

What range should my rifle be sighted in at ?
We suggest 1 inch high at 100 yards with a projected shot range of 50 to 300 yards.

What kind of hunting gear will I need to hunt in North Texas ?
First, let us state that our hard blinds are equipped with Portable Propane Heaters to help keep you warm during cold weather and you are encouraged to bring along a couple small portable 1 lb propane bottles as back up should the on site supply run out while your in the blind. Aside from this, feel free to bring along the typical gear that you are acustom to using during a hunt.

What type of clothing should I bring along for my hunt ?
Bring both light and heavy clothing. Early season hunts can vary with Hi / Low temps from 45 to 75 degrees with late season hunts can vary with Hi / Low temps from 20 to 45 degrees with even lower chill factors. We recommend insulated thermals, coveralls, bibs, jacket, gloves, mask & boots, and extra socks and shoes. Military Style BDU’s and Advantage Camo patterns work very well in the brushy and tree covered surroundings of north Texas along with a camo face mask, face net, cap and gloves.

What other kind of equipment will I need during my hunt ?
A good pair of 8 or 10 power binoculars, a camera or video recorder if desired, cell phone, sun glasses, sun block, scent neutralizer, deer calls, rattle antlers, prescription medicines, chap stick, hand lotion, unscented wipes, eye wash, ear plugs, weapon, rifle sling, full box of ammo, gun cleaning kit, deer cleaning hardware and a day pack. You will also want to have daily snacks, drinking water and so on with you during your hunt. You are welcome to process or quarter up your deer how ever you like and most clients usually bring a minimum of ( 2 ) 48 quart coolers with them to store and transport their meat home.

How do I retrieve a deer that has been harvested ?
We provide this service for you. In most cases, we will be able to walk and drive right up to the harvested animal. If there are no clear roads or paths to the harvested animal, then you are requested to contact us for instructions and extraction. Privately Owned Vehicles are NOT allowed or permitted off road in any of the hunting area's.

Are there any meat processors or taxidermist available ?
Yes, A & K Meat Processing in Wellington, Tx is by far one of the best wild game processers in the area and is Wild West Taxidermy and processing in Panhandle, Tx.

Where are the hunting properties located ?
The hunting properties are located in both Wheeler and Hemphill Counties which, border the North Eastern Texas / Oklahoma state line in the panhandle of Texas. These two counties are well known for their prolific deer heards and hunting habitat.

How do I get to the hunting properties ?
For starters, we will escourt you to each hunting area and or blind location and will provide additional information and details upon entry.

From Shamrock, Texas
The city of Shamrock is located 14 miles west of the Texas / Oklahoma State line on Interstate 40,
(IH-40 ). Travel 12 miles north on Hwy 83 to Wheeler, Texas. From Wheeler, travel 11 miles north on Hwy 83 and turn east on Hwy 1046 to Briscoe, Texas. Travel 2.5 miles east of Briscoe on Hwy 1046 and turn north onto Hwy 3303 and then, travel 6.5 miles north.

From Briscoe, Texas
Follow the directions from Shamrock and Briscoe. Then travel 11.5 miles east on Hwy 1046 to Allison, Tx then, 1.5 miles southeast of Allison on CR-A, (County Road A).

From Allison, Texas
Follow the directions from Shamrock, Briscoe and Allison. Then travel 7.5 miles east on Hwy 1046 to
Allison, Tx..