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We Offer
affordable hunt packages tailored to the single hunter or to the entire family with hunt packages that include; Discounts, Free Teen and Youth Hunts, Free Guest 
and Overnight Accommodations in our 1800 Sq Ft Guest House. Guide Services and Game Processing are included and there are no hidden cost or trophy fees. You will have exclusive access to wildlife managed ranch lands with no encounters from other hunters. We offer " HUNT PACKAGES " for Whitetail Deer, Bobwhite Quail, Rio Grande Turkey and Feral Hogs.

We are located in the North-East Texas panhandle near Allison, Tx with ranch lands in Hemphill and Wheeler County. These counties have some highest populations of wildlife in the State with Big Bodied Whitetail Deer that average 25 to 30 or more deer per square mile. Bobwhite Quail and Rio Grande Turkey populations are healthy and exceptionally strong. On a walk and stalk hunt, you will commonly flush 10 to 12 quail covey a day and twice the number of covey's when hunting over dogs. Turkey average 25 to 75 or more birds in a band or group with a large array of trophy class Tom's. We employ a variety of caultivated crops, food plots and feeder and supplement programs that attract and hold wildlife from far and wide. The outcome of an enjoyable and successful hunt starts with the quality of the wildlife you are hunting.

Our Properties are equipped with Custom Built Multi Person Heated Hard Blinds, Soft Blinds, Barricade and Hay Bail Blinds which are very effective. Blinds are positioned at key high ground advantage points overlooking valleys, tree lines, travel paths, creek bottoms, food plots and feeders. You also have the ability to camo up and blend into the surroundings to ambush your quarry which again, is very effective. We employ High Protein Corn Supplement Feeders, Mineral Digs and a variety of food plots that can consist of cultivated Wheat, Milo, Sorghum, Oats, Wild Rye, Sweet Clover and other forges.

We Provide a Variety of services which includes daily updates on animal sightings and movements so that you have first hand knowledge in the field which means a higher degree of success. Unlike the typical guided hunt, there will not be anyone standing over you indicating which animal you can or can not harvest. ( You simply hunt with in the freedom and guidelines of your hunt package ). Once you’re set, we retreat and allow you to enjoy your hunt with family or friends until are services are called upon and needed. As part of our service, we will retrieve, transport, process and store your harvest while you continue to hunt.


Wildlife Transition the terrian, food plots and feeder locations all day long and during the winter months from October to March the activity can be intense and darn right wild. When the wildlife won't coorperate we will exhaust all our knowledge and efforts to get you in the best possible location to make a connection. Keep in mind that Mother Nature can dish out some tough and unfavorable weather conditions during a hunt but, some mighty nice Bucks, Turkey and Hogs have been harvested in the middle of a blinding snow storm. Some clients will connect with in a few hours of arrival while others will generally connect by the 2nd or 3rd day of their hunt.

The Terrain Consist of Tree Lined Shelter Belts, Rolling Hills, Shallow Draws and both dry and wet Creek Valleys covered in Tall Native Grasses, Hardwoods, Cedar, Plum and Oak Thickets that host a number of feeding, breeding and bedding areas that the wildlife live and thrive in.

We Treat everyone with unconditional respect and rely on a hunter's code of hunting ethics to help create a safe and memorable hunting experience. With over 40 years of combined hunting and outdoor experience, we can tailor a hunt for an individual client or for an entire group.

The Challenge and Thrill of a Hunt Creates Memories !